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Our Organization

Founding partners of our company was established İÇK ISTANBUL STEEL DOOR INDUSTRY AND TRAVEL LTD CO at the beginning of the 2004, realizing that there was a dearth of production of real steel door with high level security in this sector, after they have had many years experience in making production of steel door in the leading institutions of our country( Kale Steel Door). Our organization has become one of the most leading several companies in the sector in a short time with high quality of manufacturing and installation, security, importance given to aesthetics, a rich range of models, and delivery in time.
Our steel doors are preferred in major public housing and villa projects of outstanding construction companies in our company, and shown as an example in its area. 
In Turkey, we are a company that gets the industrial design patents to custom-designed steel door models, and we provide direction to the steel door market with these models. 
By bringing together security and aesthetics in steel door, we product custom manufacturing steel doors with a capacity of 400 projects per month depending on the sizes in 2.000 m2- closed area in SEFAKÖY/ K.ÇEKMECE. For this respect adapted to the emerging technology, our company that has modernized its team and equipment continues the excitement of the first day with the energy gained by its serious references. 
It is to manufacture rugged, reliable and long-lasting steel doors which will always protect the basic values (family, home, and workplace) had by our customers in order to be able to continue leading a happy and safely life.  
  • Security and quality
  • Customer focus
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
It is to provide the reliable, high-qualified and solution-oriented production for the service of the people living in our country with the most suitable conditions by considering our users' satisfaction in the forefront. 
  • To keep track of the needs of the people living in our country and take advantage of advancing technology
  • To be able to provide reliable, qualified, and new models
  • To be able to use the after-sales service effectively
  • To be able to provide quick solutions depending on changing needs.