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i-55 concealed hinge


    • STEEL PARTS : Ereğli DKP sheet is used.Metal thickness of steel parts is 52 mm. 2mm U- booster profile is used in the door leaf edge. 1mm- stainless steel is used in wing bay window. There is a body reinforced with steel block in 2mm-wall thickness. Depending on the model, the thickness of finished door leaf is between 70 mm and 100 mm.
    • LOCKS: KALE KİLİT- it is a combined security system with Classic 3 shaft; chrome-plated ,3 kinds of steel latch, controlled by 4 steel shaft on the top and bottom and the main lock. It provides to lock  with moving shafts from 4 region. (It controls the combined system with the ball roller and provides the possibility not to open more than 1,500,000.)
      • It allows locking from a total of 19 different points (including latch, safety clips, and fixed shafts).
      • Locks are reinforced with special reinforcing steel into the door leaf.
      • It contains a safety card for the loss or reconstruction of the keys in complete.
      • It allows that different people open with Classic+1 additional extra safety lock at differenet times.
      • KALE MULTİ system locking is warrantied for 5 year the manufacturer called KALE KİLİT CO. 
    • Side bay windows are connected by 1mm- stainless steel with 304-quality.
    • HINGE: 2 pieces of custom manufacturing hinge providing setting in 4 axes are used.  
    • SAFETY CLAMP: Special safety clamp providing 4cm interval, which ISTANBUL ÇELİK KAPI has specially designed and manufactured,  is used.
    • BARREL PROTECTION: High security steel badge manufactured specially by Istanbul çelik kapı
    • HEAT AND SOUND INSULATION:  5 cm- styrofoam is used, door seals are specialized in manufacturing and it is 10*15.   STARLAS bladder gasket is used.
    • ACCESSORIES: First class quality products with TSE are used, binocular eye is 200 degrees.
    Wooden veneers, laminates. ÇAMSAN MDF in Wooden parts, and optionally, alpine natural veneers and laminates are used. 
    Thickness of wooden surface on outer wing is from 6mm to 12 mm. 
    Thickness of wooden surface on inner wing is from 6mm to12 mm. 
    Exterior moldings are used as 18 x 100 mm ,interior moldings ae used as 18 x 80 mm.
    In interior entrance doors, mantled MDF molding is used, in exterior areas, massive moldings are used depending on the type of laminate. 
    • POLISH AND PAINT: AKZO NOBEL filling sealer, high- doped sanding sealer, and polyurethane varnish and colorants are used.
    • TOP COAT VARNISH:  İTALYAN SAYERLAK varnish is used.
    • METAL PAINT : DYO metallic paints on EPOXY primer against corrosion are used.
    • INSTALLATION: It is installed with 10x1500 mm steel shafts on 50 mm- MDF blind casing by foaming to the wall.
      • Inner and outer case are mounted as not to leave a space on the wooden case, door leaf is suspended, installation of steel door is completed by attaching moldings.
    • Our steel doors are locked from a total of 18 points.
    • In order of the glazed steel door, 16 mm- glass(shatterproof) is used.  
    • Optional- we manufacture the bulletproof steel doors – special order.
    • Our steel doors are guaranteed for 2 years in accordance with the implementation principles of warranty certificate that come into force from the date of the installation based on Act No. 4077. 


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